Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zero day at the NOC

Spending the second nite at the Nantahala Outdoor Center having taken today as a zero mileage rest day.  I couldn't get access to a computer to write a full blog report, so this will have to bear shorter post from my phone.  It's raining steadily, but it should be done be morning as I get back on the trail headed for Fontana Dam and the Smokies next week.  It's been a rugged few days of some tough hiking. I think my legs are getting stronger, but I still have trouble with my breathing.  I am still having to stop too often to catch my breath on the uphill.  At least it seems to me, but it's  probably still a problem for most of us really. 
The number of hikers in our 'bubble' continues to shrink as more and succumb to injury, illness or other reasons to quit.  My little group seems to have heeded the advice to start slow and has a good percentage still going strong.  There's Tantrum, a goofy funloving kid, Nimbus..a retired Marine CO turned ME, Ultimatum, an English Lit major...Comma-Kazii  and NY Woodsy - sisters from NY, Gerber who is a military IT contactor, Windmill, Blue-Sky, Slingblade and Creeper (peace Corp friends), and several more who get ahead or fall behind as we all make our separate but joint journey to Mt Kahtadin. 
Last week the big milestone was crossing the border between Ga and NC....one down, thirteen to go.
Two days ago four of us stood on to of the Fire Lookout Tower on Wayah Bald.  I realized there was a dark rain cloud overhead.  Then I realized that not only were we on a mostly metal structure on the highest point for miles, but I was also the highest structure!  We made it a short visit and quickly got down and down the trail.
I'm still enjoying the adventure and have no serious physical problems beyond sore swollen knees and feet as well as sore shoulders and back.  So, it's  all good so far at 137 miles and more than two weeks on the trail.
My next problem to solve is a charger connection that my cell phone works with...hopefully solved when Susan meets me in Hot Springs next week.  Until then i will have to post less and conserve batteries.  I will try to take a few more pix with the phone to share more easily when I am able to post.
Till then,
Six Six on the AT
April 17th


Anonymous said...

Don't become a lightning rod, big boy! Keep up the great work and keep the stories coming! Hugh

Anonymous said...

Bob, Just found out how this blog-thing works. I enjoy reading your notes, and plan to be on for the rest of your trip. Take care, and I am glad it is going well. Bill S.

CCF said...

YAY!!!! You guys rock! keep going! my best to all of you.

- Pages

Anonymous said...

I'm putting up markers on the map you gave me so keep the updates coming. I love reading about the adventure and have shared your blog with others.

Lee said...

Bob, I'm really enjoying reading your entries! Enjoy it all.

Jasen said...

You're doing great uncle Bob. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. That was a cheap pep speech. Seriously, I love your entries and can't say how impressed I am that you are doing this.