Thursday, March 15th

Here's the Hammock setup I am using.  For the full story, see the post on the front page of the blog.

Sunday, February 26th.

 I have been working on my trail food for months - decided what and how much to buy, then repackaging bulk items into single meal packets.  Finally it's time to put it all together into mail drop boxes.  Each box will hold about 5 meal sets.  Early on the trail I won't be too hungry.  But after just a few weeks, the appetite will kick into overdrive and I won't be able to eat enough.  These 19 mail drops represent less than half of the food supply that I will need.  Between mail drops, I will purchase what I need at grocery and convenience stores in towns along the way.  As I move along the trail toward the next town, Susan will put a box in the mail, addressed to me at General Delivery, so that it arrives a few days before I do.  Here's a look at what is in the boxes, just before we filled each box.


Friday, February 17th

Finally, here's my first video with the GoPro - as promised, it's a look at my gear selections:

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