Friday, November 30, 2012

Follow-up from the Dr visit

Hi -
Here's the latest after my visit with the Dr yesterday.  He was extremely pleased with how my surgery site has healed and a little miffed that I am having to deal with the blood clots.  He said I am healing so quickly that it wouldn't have been a problem to schedule the second surgery for next week.  Oh well.....

I got my blood drawn first thing, but once again (3rd time) I wasn't on the schedule.  Not real happy with the nurse manager from the Vein Clinic that was supposed to put me on the list.  And then I get a call saying the testing machine is offline and they will just call with the results.  Okay, fine.  That was at 9:00 AM.  At 4:30 PM she finally calls with the current INR levels - I get to back off the blood thinners as the number is a little higher than desired. 

Good - I can eat a little more of the healthy stuff again.  Apparently, leafy greens (especially spinach and kale) are super high in Vitamin K which can negatively affect the blood thinner.  Trouble is, I love spinach and leafy greens.  Now I guess I can eat a little bit more than none at all.

Got my flu shot too, just as the news is carrying the story of two deaths in the triad area due to the flu.  If you haven't gotten yours yet it's not too late.  Get one - especially if you're young, older than 60, or have other health issues that bring down your resistance.  Do it for me.

My doctor also gave me my exercise list - actually it's just a series of stretching motions that are much more basic than what I have already been doing.  So now it's to the gym again to get serious about rebuilding my leg strength.

I am reading a book on the Camino de Santiago:  "I'm Off Then," by German TV comedian Hape Kerkeling. (Hans-Peter = HaPe).  It's starts slow, but gets better and is turning out to be a pretty good read.  I am amused at his description of the difficulty of the camino, especially with my knowledge of the difficulty of the AT.  There's no comparison.  To make sure, I am looking for an elevation chart for the camino to compare to the chart I have for the AT.  It should be interesting to compare the two, side by side.

I am getting messages and photos from my trail friends that have summited Katahdin.  I am so envious and happy for them.  I am also working on my 4th video, combing through all the videos and photos I took on the trail.  I hope you are enjoying that effort.

Thanks and Happy Trails -


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CCF said...

hey six six

i noticed on WB that you are starting at springer again in 2013? is that right? i thought you were starting from harpers. my wife and I are starting a week after you on the 27th at springer. hope to see you on the trail again!

btw, do you know if any of our trail friends finished in 2012?

please send me an email at