Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 Appalachian Trail into Mountain Lake Wilderness

"I went to the woods to live life deliberately..."  Henry David Thoreau

On June 3rd, I spent the night in a hollow down the hill from the Bailey Gap Shelter (mile 653).  The next morning began with a short climb to the top of the mountain and then several miles of ridge running along the top.  At mid-morning I stopped for a break and a snack to rest and recharge.  I crossed Va 613, Mountain Lake Road at 656.7 and came across the entrance to the Mountain Lake Wilderness area.  It is an area left undeveloped to preserve the natural existence of the plants and animals - no houses, no roads, no convenience stores, no civilization - just the natural wilderness as it has always been.  I stopped at the sign marking the boundary and took this video:

Mountain Lake Wilderness on the AT

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