Monday, July 30, 2012

The doctor says hike when you feel ready!

Here we go -
I have the go-ahead to get back on the trail whenever I feel ready.

My foot doctor is pleased with my recovery.  I have been relatively pain-free for the last week and walking without a limp.  He says there is still some tension there, but his recommendation is to continue my stretching exercises in the morning before I start hiking, and again at the end of the day before bed.  There's no guarantee that the Plantar Fasciitis won't return, but if it does the response is rest, NSAIDs and stretching.  I won't do any permanent damage and can walk/run/hike as much as I want and deal with as much discomfort as I can stand before stopping, if it does return.

So - here's the plan:
  1. Tomorrow is July 31st (Tuesday).  I will throw on my backpack and hike around Hagen-Stone Park a few times to put some miles on my feet.  If there's no pain, then it's on to step 
  2. Wednesday I will increase the difficulty with a hike in Stone Mtn. State Park up to the ridge along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  If there's still no pain, then it's on to step
  3. Making firm plans to get to Glasgow, Va and get back on the trail where I left off.
There's 238 miles between Glasgow and Harper's Ferry,  It will be a good test to see if I can hike without aggravating and re-injuring my foot.  If I can make it through those 200+ miles, then the next step will be to travel to Maine, climb Mt. Katahdin, and then hike south-bound back to Harper's Ferry to complete the whole trail within this year.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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