Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clock is spinning faster not slower

Just a note to post some thoughts.  Feeling kind of strange today.  I disassembled my bed yesterday and put it in storage.  So I set up my hammock in the house to get used to it again before the trail.  I've been meeting for lunch and such with old friends and colleagues one last time before I leave.  It's good to get together, but all that is tempered with the fact that I won't see family and friends for about 6 months.  There are quite a few little ones that are growing fast.  Six months is a long time to miss watching them grow.  Well, that's part of it all, isn't it.  There are pluses and minuses to being away for so long.  But then again, six months isn't that long after all.  Today is a day to get the last of the household goods to storage and decide what's trash and what isn't.  Then two days to clean inside and out one last time......and then Saturday is travel day!  It seems like that clock is spinning faster and faster and not slower as you might expect 

Well, things to do, so must keep this post short.

Happy trails!

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