Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another down day

After leaving the NOC in the rain, I had a short mileage day of 6 in an all uphill climb to the next shelter.  The rain would stop and start.  The big juggle was whether to wear the rain gear and get soaked from hot sweat, or not and get rain soaked and chilled.  At the end, I was wet no matter.  I was feeling strong after a couple of miles, but faded as the rain got harder.  Set up the tarp first to get the hammock up dry. As I lay there listening to the rain come down, it slowly faded away.  I slept like a baby for 3 hours and then again for another7.  Actually overslept and got a late start.  One hour into the hike today came the highlight of the a Vista overlook into a valley and layers of mtn ranges came a shifting flow of clouds.  I set up the camera for timelapse at 60 seconds and spent the next 45 minutes watching the clouds flow up the side of the hills.  I won't know if it worked like I imagine until I get back home.  With such a late start, a picture delay, and some very slippery conditions, something new happened.....I ran out of energy before my intended stop.  Another two hikers asked if I wanted to join them for a town shuttle and motel stay.  So I cut the day short.  The good news is that I found another AC/USB charger that fits my phone.  So, it was a short but interesting day.  Tomorrow morning it's back on the trail where we left off.  And the first thing is a big climb called Jacobs Ladder.....oh boy!  My one concern is my continued inability to climb without stopping to catch my breath.  I guess that will be the last issue solved over the next month.  There's no other symptoms so at this point it's just what the trail needs to fix as I move further north.  Afterall, I wanted the trail to put me back into good shape, so i have keep going and let it happen on it's own accord. 
Thats it for now at mile 150.7.  Sounds good until you know there's 2,034 to go.   I remember.... one at a time!


hmajors said...

Hey Bob - enjoy those days too! It was a meant to be! I love hearing about your travels!

Anonymous said...

Your my hero Bob. Keep it up buddy!
matt adkins

PatrickBudd said...

Hey Bob! Good news from the High Point Enterprise! They will be publishing the story I wrote about you hiking the trail this weekend or the beginning of next week!

Patrick Budd

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the timelapse photo - that should be pretty cool! Sounds like you're in a pretty good rhythm and can adjust your schedule accordingly... like sleeping as long you want or need! What about animals? What have you seen? You're doing great! Hugh