Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 4 - Neel's Gap

After the first two nights camping at shelter sites, my new trail friends needed to make a decision...
There was a 5 mile section where the bears had become educated about hanging food sacks.  New regs required bear canisters if you overnighted in that five mile section.  The choice was camp early short of that area, or do a high mileage day that would include a big climb over Blood Mountain.  Most all decided to stay short at Lance Creek and take an extra day to arrive here at Neel's Gap.  It was a smart move as Blood Mtn was tough both up on side and down the other.  My feet hurt now from the rocks.  But here is an outfitter store and a hostel and cabins for rent.  So,three new friends and I are splitting a cabin.  With are Lucky Charm and Pep Talk a young couple from Wisconsin, Bruce LeeRoy from Washington State.  We got showers, flush toilets, real beds, and pizza in the oven.  After just 4 days on the trail, it's a real treat.

To catch you up, yesterday start with sunny skies, cereal and coffee for breakfast but we got caught in our first thunderstorm and got soaked and cooled off.  By the time reached Lance Creek the rain had stopped.  Dinner was instant broccoli soup with a couple of potato pieces donated by 'Ultimatum' another of our group.
Everyone is impressed with my hammock system.  And as the older one in a group of 20 somethings I am pleased that I am keeping up.

We are all enjoying the trail, learning tips and tricks from each other and enjoying the trail.

It's mile 31.7 on day for and it's all good.  We are all sore in the same places.

Happy Trails,


DuGout said...

It would be good if we could follow your blog by email. Please consider adding that as an option.

Happy hiking!

Sarah Franklin said...

Loving the details! Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I was impressed with your hammock system when you were in chapters, Bob....great way to grab a nap, as I recall you mentioning. Glad to see you are out napping in the bosom of Mother Nature. Be safe and enjoy....MikeB