Thursday, May 24, 2012

First time in a week I've had a good signal, so here comes a lengthy update.
Trail Days in Damascus was great.  There was a lot of love and young people partying going on, but I was happy to spend the three days with Susan and my trail friends in the friendliest hiker town - Damascus.

I got two pieces of gear repaired free at the vendor booths, picked up my mail drop, bought a couple of things and it was time to get back on the trail. The hike Sunday afternoon was easy and enjoyable.  If you ever get the chance, bike or hike or fish the Virginia Creeper Trail. It's a Must Do!  I got to the first shelter early, ate a snack and pressed on.
Each day out of Damascus has felt better and better.  Am eating more and hiking more miles.   Virginia is beautiful and the terrain is settling down. At the same time I am feeling more energetic.  My pace is now at 2+ miles per hour. With that I did 16 miles yesterday and again today.  I think things have taken a positive turn again.
As a matter of fact, yesterday as I reached Dickies Gap, mile 516, a truck pulled up and two guys offered me a ride to the Troutdale Baptist Church for a hiker feed and hostel stay.  The food was wonderful and I hammocked out of the weather for the first time in three days.  Speaking of the weather, it's rained some on each of the last three days. 

The highlight of the week, besides the hiker feed had to be Grayson Highlands Park.  I finally got to see the wild ponies there.  And the lightning storm as i crossed the ridge was very much an adventure.
So now I am in Marion, VA ,at a motel for the night.  Tomorrow I have to restock, wash clothes, and get back on the trail.
Here are some photos from the cell phone camera.  Theres no hotel computer so I cant upload photos from the GoPro or the Olympus.   I cant wait to share those with you later.
So, life on the trail keeps getting better and better.  And i am still loving it.
Enjoy these photos for now...

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sarah said...

I love it! Stay cool as these days start to get warmer...