Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Attacking the Ice Cream Special

When we finally arrived at Neel's Gap and the Walasi-Yi Outdoor Center, we gorged on food, beer, and of course, ICE CREAM.  My trail friend Gerber took this picture and allowed me to download a copy from his website.  I thought you would enjoy it too. 

Hikers starve themselves on the trail - not on purpose, but simply because food is heavy and there's not enough time to eat the number of calories we burn each day.  So lots of time on the trail is spent dreaming of food and what we would eat at the next town.  I expect these thoughts and cravings to increase the further up the trail we go.

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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to wonder if you may actually gain weight on this adventure! Attacking Ice Cream and finding all-you-can eat buffets seems to be a common theme! You've made it past the 6 week mark so that is fantastic! Hugh