Thursday, August 16, 2012

On the trail again....tomorrow.

Well, yesterday and today have been devoted to packing up the clothes and stuff that I have been using for the past two months.  I will finish this afternoon, taking stuff back to the storage unit where I have all my household goods.  Spare hiking gear and other essentials will stay with Susan in case I need them shipped to me. 

I have taken care of a lot of little things - car inspection, registration renewal, driver's license renewal, voter registration change of address, etc.  It's all gone pretty smoothly, but it does take time.

Early in the morning, Kevin (my son) and I will head for Glasgow to drop me off at the trail crossing and then off I go.

It's been a strange two months -

  • being forced off the trail by injury was depressing - I missed the trail very much in those first couple of weeks.  It's eased off, but I still remember how much fun I had out there and am looking forward to returning.
  • The Plantar Fasciitis was a new medical term for me.  Just something else to learn about.  I did aggressively treat the injury - more so than others might have been able to - stretching, icing, massage.  Then there was the cortizone shot and the prescription NSAIDS, the therapeutic massage, followed by the SAIDs.  It seems to have worked, causing me to recover faster than others with the same injury.
  • I appreciate the support of family and friends during my stay - Kevin and Crystal, Robert and Jez have been wonderful to let me stay with them.  Others have been so encouraging while I push through this setback.  I am grateful for all.
  • I was saddened to hear of the loss of a couple of friends while I was here - Van and Jack, both long-time Red Cross volunteers.  And a good radio friend lost his wife quite suddenly.  All reminders that there is life, love, and loss everyday even while I am isolated away on the trail (mentally and physically).
And now it's time to get back out there and try again.  I've explained the plan already, so there's no reason to repeat myself - again.

It will be a week or more before I can update this blog, but when I do a lot of questions will be answered.  I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Happy trails,

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