Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The word for the day is......&#$%

Second day - the word for today is frustrating .....or pissed-off ....or unsure .....or OUCH  - okay so that's several words of the day.

After yesterday's easy hike without too much discomfort, I kicked it up a big notch by going to Hanging Rock State Park.  There's a 4.2 mile loop trail that goes to the top of the ridge and an old fire tower.  The trail starts off easy for the first mile or so, then starts up the mountain to the ridge line.  There's lots of rocks, gravel, and tree roots.  Once the climb starts the elevation change is probably 800 feet over the last 1.5 miles.  At some sections it's fairly steep climbing. 

I wasn't really surprised that I had lost my hiking trim so quickly after coasting for the past 6 weeks.  The legs were sore and the knees got to aching, but what I was there for was to test the feet.  Ouch!  It took only an hour for the pain in my left foot (heel) to start up.  That was the Plantar Fasciitis resurfacing.  Then the right foot started acting up - that was the Morton's Neuroma starting to burn.  I made it through to the end, but all I can think is if it starts to hurt like this after only a couple of miles, what would it be like after a 15 mile day?  Or several days? 

I iced it down when I got back to the house and will stretch and massage it again before bed, but in the vernacular - WTH???

I am going to give it one more day, a long one, and see for sure.  If it starts hurting to where I start to limp, I will have to consider myself done for the season. 

So there it is, straight up.  I'm going to go have some MM-46 the same way.

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