Friday, May 25, 2012

Trail magic

Two days ago I received wonderful trail magic from the Troutdale Baptist Church -- shuttle ride to free dinner and shelter.  Yesterday the zipper on my Gregory backpack broke.  I called Gregory today to ask for a replacement top.  They said it was too old a model and their policy was just to send me a NEW pack.  It will be in Daleville when I get there in 200 miles.  Today I get a bus ride back to the trail for .50.  Trail works!
Here's a picture of Sanchez  and River Rat waiting for the bus too.
Oh, and the ladies at the Eye Care Center in Marion adjusted my new sunglasses for free.


Unknown said...

What great stories Bob! I read your updates before I hit the sack at night and sometimes I have cool dreams I was hiking the trail with ya. lol
Stay healthy uncle!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Could you put in some pics of you hammock set up and give a little info as to how it is working out. I am looking at using a hammock and was wondering how well it is working out.